Joystiq gets hands on with Prince of Persia

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Joystiq have managed to grab a good 30 minutes on hand with the new Price of Persia, I didn’t get a good chance to have a go at rAge but I can tell you, from what I saw that graphically, it was looking awesome. There’s a summary and another video after the jump.

Joystiq go into quite a bit of depth regarding the games new graphical style and the way the game feels. They also quell fears about Elika, your AI controlled female partner who follows you through the game, likening her more to a weapon than a hindrance or useless story element that previous AI controlled partners in other games have been.


Joystiq also say “In previous Prince of Persia titles the environments were built with one route in mind obstructed by puzzles along the way, in the new Prince of Persia the world itself is the puzzle. As one connected world, the game allows players to select their own path rather than following structured missions.”


They have now got me very excited for this game, my Christmas list just keeps growing and growing, anyone need a house-mate cause at this rate I’ll be really broke by January. The full story can be found here.

Last Updated: October 9, 2008

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