Judging from E3, it looks like these may be dead

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This E3 is arguably the strongest in years. Just about every platform holder or publisher made a few announcements that turned heads or left jaws on the floor. Fallout 4, Backwards Compatibility, The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy VII being remade; this is the stuff of dreams for many a gamer. It would be unfair to say anybody really won E3. There were, however, some big losers.

And they belong. Respectively, to each of the 3 console publishers. Nintendo’s E3 direct presentation was a mash of sad trailers for games, punctuated every so often with a dash of hilarious puppetry.


There were some new games announced for the 3DS which largely got mixed reception – but the stark lack of anything new and exciting for the Wii U apart from StarFox Zero indicates that Nintendo is letting go of the system. In fact, it’s getting typical end of life stuff, by way of Mario Tennis. The lack of anything about the new Zelda and the Reggie saying to wait for NX news next year suggests that Nintendo’s moving resources to its new platform.

Loathe as I am to admit it, it looks like Wii U is on life support, with just a few titles left to hold it up.


In similar company is the PlayStation Vita. Once touted as a revolution in handheld gaming, Sony’s fantastic, but underutilised handheld is becoming, more and more, good for little else but on-the-go indies and remote play. Speaking to IGN, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida confirmed confirmed that the company was pretty much done making its own big games for the Vita.

“To be honest, I wouldn’t say we will have big AAA Vita games from first party,” Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida told IGN.

“Instead of spending lots of money making big Killzone games on Vita, those large studios are focusing on PS4,” he continued. “But we know that the smaller games work very well on PS Vita because it doesn’t require that PS4 tech to make the game fun.”

The Vita? It’s dead. Also dead? Microsoft’s Kinect.


Where the company once tried to convince us that Kinect was integral to the Xbox One and wouldn’t even function without it, Microsoft has since ripped the motion-sensing peripheral out of the core bundle. At its E3 conference, not a single mention was made of the device, nor of any games that supported it. While it’s still useful enough as a way to control the Xbox One and its soon-to-be-redesigned menus – especially with Cortana coming to the Xbox One – Kinect itself, as a gaming peripheral, is dead.

What do you think? Is there any life left in these platforms – or is it time for each of these companies to move on and admit defeat?

Last Updated: June 17, 2015

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