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Just Cause 2 devs want to be the ‘best open world studio’

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I'm not ashamed of the fact that I still know the lyrics to the original Pokemon theme song.

Avalanche Studios is responsible for one of my favourite guilty pleasure games from 2010, Just Cause 2. Cheesy, challenging and ridiculous, but absolutely biblical in scale, when it came to the size of the world that Rico Rodriguez blew up. A third game is rumoured to be in development from the right now, and it’ll be skydiving onto PC and next-gen consoles as well. And Avalanche is looking to be the best studio around when it comes open worlds.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Studio head Christofer Sundberg stated that “We are set on becoming the best open world developer. That’s our ultimate goal. “It’s a very competitive genre. Rockstar is more of a phenomenon than a competitor. What we can offer to the genre is diversity, which very few other open world developers can.”

And hinting towards a third Just Cause game, Sundberg teased that that specific franchise, was “absolutely perfect for next generation consoles based on what we know so far”. Avalanche is also working on other projects right now, one being the rumoured JC3, while they’ve also started developing two licensed titles as well, such as Project Mamba for a 2014 release date, which will capitilise on their sandbox experiences;

“We believe in the idea of continuing to build those big worlds with a lot of fun and crazy content to play around with,” Sundberg said.

Open world game players are anarchists, just like us,” he continued, “It’s funny. When you tell a player in one of our games to go right, they always go left. Planning around that mindset, that you can never predict what the player will do, and always counting on the player to break your game, is quite interesting.

One complaint that I did have with Just Cause 2, was that while the world was massive, it was also very repetetive and had very little content inside of it. And awful motorcycle driving mechanics, mustn’t forget that. Still, if Avalanche can add some quality to that quantity, I’d be more than happy to strap on a grappling hook and pretend to be a younger Antonio Banderas or Al Pacino or whichever actor they choose to emulate for a possible third game.

Or would you chaps prefer to see a current-gen Just Cause 3?

Last Updated: September 26, 2012

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