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Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress DLC gets new details, screens and video

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Just Cause 3 sky fortress (6)

Rico Rodriguez may be one of the most overpowered characters in the history of video games. He can shrug off bullet wounds within seconds, defy the laws of gravity and has more grapple-hook skill than the entire army of Batman Incorporated. All that, and swarthy accent that makes him extra-cool as he walks away from explosions, without looking back at them.

He’s essentially Bat-Manuel, except incredibly competent, brave and unstoppable. At some point in Just Cause 3, you reach a ceiling of skill where regular armed forces can’t do much to slow you down before you slap a hockey-puck shaped explosive on their face and send them hurtling to their explosive death. So if your regular fleshy goon for hire can’t stop Rodriguez, what can? Robots*. Probably. Maybe.

That’s the idea behind the first bit of Just Cause 3 DLC, the Sky Fortress, which takes place in a domain higher than your regular Capetonian. Naturally, Rico will be making use of some new Bavarium tech like an enhanced wingsuit and shoulder-mounted weapons to deal some damage to what appears to be COBRA command’s sky base.

“If Just Cause 3 is over-the-top action then the Air, Land and Sea Expansion pass aims to stand on its shoulders and reach even higher,” Senior Producer at Avalanche Studios Tobias Andersson said in a press release which I’ve just copied and pasted below from my email.

An incredible amount of time has been spent ensuring every new item is fully integrated into the main game and can be used during existing missions. Rico’s new Bavarium Wingsuit will fundamentally alter the core gameplay of Just Cause 3 and we can’t wait to see the crazy stunts that players perform with it.

I kinda dig it. Just Cause 3 is a power fantasy turned up to 11, an open-world game where you’re allowed to destroy entire islands with Bavarium-tipped rockets that make nuclear weapons look like children’s toys. Having more of that to play with is like being served a cake that is has other lesser cakes on top of it as an icing.

The DLC drops as part of the Air, Land and Sea season pass a week early, or on its own for $11.99 / €11.99 / £9.49, depending on your region.

*Not South African traffic lights.

Last Updated: February 19, 2016

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