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Dave, whoever he may be, from SarcasticGamer.com put an article today titled “Next Gen Victory: Who Gives A S***?”.

The article was brought about by his frustration with seeing an endless amount of comments and posts involving people calling each other mean names and throwing their toys over which console is going to win the Next-Gen war.

In his article he asks, “If your console does win, what do you get? Did PS2 users get a certificate, or a medal. Did Phil Harrison crap in a box and send it to them? NO! Did Dreamcast owners get a bag of lemons? NO!”

What I really love is his closing statement. He simply hammered it down in large, lovely capital letters, “JUST GAME DAMNIT!”

I know that deep down, everyone wants to know that the product that they have invested both time and money into is winning, and won’t die out(*cough* Dreamcast). But I think we are far enough into this generation of consoles to realise that none of them are going anywhere anytime soon, and that we should all just sit back and play whatever the hell we want.

Do you own only one of the current consoles? All three maybe? Who the hell cares, as long as your having fun, right. More time should be taken away from flaming and put towards gaming.

For the original article by “Dave”, click here.

Last Updated: April 17, 2008

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