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Just how well has Skylanders done?

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Last year saw the release of Skylanders and at the time I stated that it could be one of the biggest money spinners in Actvision’s stable thanks to quality of the toys, the unique cross platform ability and the fact that it was backed by a solidly developed game.

Well during a recent earnings call the Activision CEO of publishing, Eric Hirshberg, put Skylanders success into perspective by comparing it to the darling of the iOS industry, Angry Birds.

The makers of Angry Birds, Rovio, recently announced that they had passed the 1 billion download mark for their incredibly popular bird flinging extravaganza which is an incredible mark.

However you can get Angry Birds for free and the paid version is only a Dollar so when it comes to income earned Activision was only too happy to announce that Skylanders has actually earned more money in the last quarter than Angry Birds with it bringing in a staggering $100 million in revenue.

With this incredible success it’s not surprising to hear that Activision has big plans for the future of Skylanders with the current release of an iOS application, Cloud Patrol, and the impending release later this year of Skylanders Giants.

My daughter turns 9 next week and the first thing she asked for when I asked what she wanted for her birthday was an iPad, but after I stopped laughing she then asked for one of the new Skylanders as apparently that’s what all the kids at school are playing at the moment.

Last Updated: May 10, 2012

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