kalahari.net winners announced

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It seems to be a constant thing this around here, we offer up awesome prizes thanks to fantastic companies like kalahari.net. You all enter in the safe knowledge that I will announce the winner when I say I will and then nothing…

So once again apologies all round for the delayed announcement of who the lucky winners of the kalahari.net competition were, this time I will happily blame Larry* for the delay…

But lets move past that for now and say a big congratulations to

Mogen Naidoo (R1000)


Gavin Joffe (R500)

You have both been randomly chosen from our list of confirmed sellers on kalahari.net.

We have your details and will be in touch shortly, thanks to everyone else who entered and an extra special thanks to kalahari.net for putting up the prizes and also enabling an awesome system to help us sell our second hand titles online.

So if you have any used games that you would like to sell then why not take a look at what kalahari.net are offering.

*Larry is my imaginary friend who forces me to do other things apart from drawing results for competitions

Last Updated: July 30, 2010

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