Kevin Butler Accidently Tweets PS3 Exploit

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Oh trolls on the internet, you guys are hilarious. Some random person on the internet tweeted a string of numbers to the twitter account of Sony’s laudable PR icon, Kevin Butler.

The ever jocular VP of everything awesome, retweeted the seemingly incomprehensible code appended with a Battleship joke – not knowing that it’s the key for the one of the PS3 exploits that’s Sony’s been trying to stifle.

Naturally, that tweet was binned when somebody at Sony’s PR knew what had happened – but the damage was done, and KB was made a fool of. While the person responsible has quite possibly been sacked, I’ve seen some curious concern on the internet for the future of Kevin Butler’s job as PS3 PR – as if he was a real person.

“I really hhope [sic] he doesn’t get burned because of this. his ads are hilarious and it would be a great loss to the playstation advertising portfolio if he were to get axed over this,” says one such comment.

Yeah, and pro-wrestling is totally real.

Source : Gamersmint

Last Updated: February 10, 2011

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