Keyboard and mouse “The only way to go” for shooters

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AMD and PC Gamer’s press conference was, frankly, a little on the dull side. Though it was set up in a nice, casual Q&A style, it suffered from seriously poor pacing issues. It could be argued that it’s excusable, seeing as it’s their first go, but Bethesda’s inaugural conference showed that it can be done properly the first time around. There really wasn’t very much in the way of exciting news for PC gamers. Gears of War, Killer Instinct and No Man’s Sky are coming, which is nice – but there wasn’t much else beyond looks at games we already knew about. There was also a bit of stating the bleeding obvious.

Speaking at the conference, former Epic guy, Gears of War designer Clifford Bleszinski extolled the virtues of first person shooter and PC gaming, and how they go hand in hand, adding that keyboard and mouse is the weapon of choice for shooters.

“I wanted to get back to first person—Gears is third person—it’s one of those things, that seeing down the barrel of a gun, it’s a very powerful thing,” Cliffy B said.

He added that developing games for PC allows his new studio to be “agile,” giving them leeway to work outside of the constraints of walled gardens like Xbox Live and PSN with “test kitchen servers” that allow for easy testing and tuning.

Cliffy B has in the past said that consoles are where it’s at, but his love for all things PC has returned.

“I love my console shooters,” he said, “but keyboard and mouse for first-person shooters, it’s the only way to go.”

Now that sounds like the bleeding obvious to PC gamers, but there are likely a number of console-playing soldiers who’re a little peeved at the elitism. I certainly think the mouse itself allows for precision aiming that consoles really struggle to manage, but for actual player movement? The keyboard is pants.


Hopefully Valve’s Steam Controller manages to do what it says on the tin, and find the perfect balance between the control schemes. He was, of course, there to show off his new game from his new studio, Project Bluestreak – but really only showed off a bit of concept art.

Last Updated: June 17, 2015

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