Killzone 3 Developer Also Working On A New IP

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“What’s this?”, you say?

That’s right, Guerrilla Games are currently very hard at work making Killzone 3 a reality, but it looks like the Killzone franchise is not the only thing on their minds.

Guerilla Games’ managing director Herman Hulst has revealed to Dutch video games magazine Control, that a new IP is in the works.

There are currently no details on the project as it is still in its conceptual phase, with Guerrilla Games spending all of their time and effort to concentrate on the February 2011 release of the much anticipated Killzone 3.

While they have not even mentioned what genre they will be aiming for, I am really excited to see what this fantastic Dutch development team come up with next. For now… bring on Killzone 3 pretty please.

Source: Exophase

Last Updated: August 2, 2010

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