Killzone 3 multiplayer is becoming free to play

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Now this is a great experiment from Sony and will hopefully lead into a whole new line of thinking for game developers moving forward.

Instead of offering Killzone 3 for bargain basement prices to try and keep the excitement going Sony and Guerrilla games have decided to offer a downloadable version of Killzone 3 over the PSN for free.

This special version will only consist of the multiplayer player aspect of Killzone 3 and will be limited to a certain level cap ingame.

So you can try out the multiplayer and then if you are loving it you can then download the uncapped version for a mere $14.99 to allow you to continue increasing your cap.

The $15 version still doesn’t include a single player section though so if you want to give that a try then you are still going to need to buy the retail version.

I personally hope EA follow them with this idea and release a MP version of Battlefield 3 over PSN and XBL as that single player wasn’t worth the effort and the more the merrier in the multiplayer.

Last Updated: February 24, 2012

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