Killzone 3 Street Date Broken!

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You knew it would happen. With retailers having received copies of Guerrilla Games’ highly anticipated sequel, Killzone 3 in time for release4 on Wednesday, it was inevitable that some clueless retail employee would put it out on shelves early, breaking the street date and making the “pre-order” concept completely pointless.

Surprisingly, it’s not the usual suspect, CNA, that’s done it this time. According to numerous sources, certain Incredible Connection stores have been selling the game since yesterday. It’s a terrible blow to retailers who stick to street dates, and undoes all the hard work local distributors have done in recent years to make sure we South Africans get games at the same time as our international gaming friends.

Still, if you can’t stick it out a few days, know you can get your Helghast killing action by looking in the right places.

[Thanks to Allister and others for the tip]

Last Updated: February 21, 2011

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