Killzone PS3 – Sony's shooter saves the PS3

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Games radar has an in depth and completely over the top preview of Killzone 2. 

Killzone 2 was almost everything we’d hoped for, and miles ahead of what we secretly feared – not bad, for a relatively tame third level. The primary emotion, relief, was soon replaced with a tingling delight that Sony had lived up to the standards of that E3 2005 trailer. In 30 minutes, Sony transformed the perception of PS3 from an overpriced extravagance populated by me-too Xbox 360 ports, to the most exciting, important console in the world.

They go so far as to call it a PS3 saver. If everything they say in the review is true, and there really is no reason to not believe them, then this game sounds absolutely awesome…. It will seriously move consoles and as long as they don’t mess up the online side of the game this could become a long term purchase.

After all the negative press this game received after its botched E3 2005 showing it is good to see it coming through at the end.

Follow the link for the full 3 page review…

Source: Games Radar – PS3 news – Killzone PS3 – Sony’s shooter saves the PS3

Last Updated: August 17, 2007

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