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Kinect is the reason Forza 4 looks so good

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A lot of hardcore gamers are still unconvinced by the Kinect and see it as simply a toy for kids and casual gamers so it’s surprising to see a quote Dan Greenawalt, producer of Forza 4, saying that the Kinect is the reason Forza 4 looks so incredible.

So how is it possible that a motion capturing device has improved the graphics for one of Xbox 360’s most anticipated titles?

Honestly, we started working on Auto Vista mode based on Kinect. [Players] will be able to walk up and move around the car, but if they were going to get within that sub six inch detail, you know really close in on the car, it had to hold up

… I feel like I’ve been robbed, the Kinect hasn’t improved the graphics at all but rather the graphics just weren’t good enough under close inspection, which they are going to allow us to do with Kinect, and so they improved them.

I guess either way you are now getting a better title thanks to the Kinect even if it didn’t really have anything to do with it directly.

We love our headlines here at Lazygamer and once again we have one that is perfectly factually correct but I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone comment that they were mislead.

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Last Updated: June 23, 2011

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