Kingdom Rush Frontiers Revealed

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Kingdom Rush is by far and away the most popular iPad game in the Lazygamer offices. I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into the tower defence title and can map out my build orders better than Pandatank in a Starcraft 2 game.

One of the most depressing moments in my life was when I completed the game and had unlocked all the achievements.. I was sad for hours until I realised I could delete the entire thing and start again. I kid you not I’ve completed the first game entirely a full three times.

So imagine my unbound joy when I wake up to the new that not only is another Kingdom Rush coming but that it’s coming next week. Just in time to stop Geoff and Darryn doing any work what so ever at E3…and I don’t care.

Just watch this trailer.

Did you see them? Did you see the Mechs, dragons, boss fights, magic and everything else? I’m so excited right now I cannot explain it.

I’ll easily fork out over R400 for this but don’t tell Ironhide that.. hopefully this hits the store at a reasonable $5.99

Last Updated: May 29, 2013

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