King’s Quest is making a glorious return

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Last week Activision open their cupboard of lost developers and randomly drew Sierra back out. It was a surprise announcement, with the studio promising a reveal at Gamescom this week. Sierra is back, and they’ve brought along two games with them to kick things off.

As many expected, Sierra will be reviving the King’ Quest series next year. Adventure point-and-click titles have found new homes in gamers’ hearts, primarily thanks to the work of Telltale Games. Activision believes it’s time they got in on some of the action, which lead to the revival of Sierra in the first place. That, and Activision needs someone to start pushing out smaller, indie-like projects for them.

On top of a new King’s Quest title, Sierra will also be helping out with Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Geometry Wars is one of those forgotten 2D arena shooters, with a lot in common with PS4’s Resogun.  Activision wants to be able to publish smaller titles such as this going forward, and they’ll be using Sierra as an almost “indie” publishing wing to go through.

In other words, not directly attaching these smaller projects to the Activision name. That’s reserved for some of the biggest AAA titles this industry has to offer.

So all in all, good news for fans. It’s not some crappy remake, it’s a brand new King’ Quest and a Geometry Wars sequel I’m sure nobody thought we’d ever good. Good start Sierra.

Last Updated: August 14, 2014

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