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Knack gets companion app

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Knack app

Of all the launch titles for PS4, Knack seems to be the least of a killer app. It’s not that it’s bad, it just isn’t why people are buying their next generation console. But now, it’s getting a companion app that looks like a Candy Crush killer.

Available on iOS, the app titled Knack’s Quest, will let you collect items that can be sent to the PS4 title. Gameplay is pretty simple, it’s a puzzle game in which you collect three or more of the same type of parts:

Collecting parts will make Knack grow larger – reach the maximum size within the time limit to clear the stage. Super Move (Special Power) Collect Sunstones to use two different types of Super Moves! Use the “Thunder Chain”, which allows you to collect all parts of a certain type by tracing over them with a single vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Or use the “Blast” to collect parts all at once by tapping on them. Use the two super moves wisely based on the situation and collect lots of parts at once!

You can already download the app from the iStore for free, but you’ll only be able to sent items after the next software update. I assume that update will launch when you get your PS4.

It looks like it’s another Bejeweled clone, which means it’s also a Candy Crush clone. Will this replace that insidious game? Somehow, I don’t think Knack, or its companion app, is a killer. Rather, it’s just the obligatory lame, boring launch game all consoles need. Not quite sure why it needed a companion app, but I suppose all games are going to get them from now on.

Last Updated: November 7, 2013

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