Konami “investigates” which PS3 games are possible on the Xbox360

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Konami just don’t know how to put a rumour to rest do they…. They have now come out and said that they are investigating which games could be moved over to the Xbox 360…

I wonder which game it is that all Xbox 360 owners want? Metal Gear Solid 4 anyone? The rumour that just won’t die has now been given fresh legs by Konami themselves.

I will be very suprised if we are not told about MGS coming to the Xbox 360 at E3.. Maybe that is why Sony has planned their huge Killzone conference to be at the same time as the Microsoft keynote speech?

If Microsoft has managed to steal MGS it would be the coup of the year and no matter how good Killzone looks it will be buried.  

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Last Updated: June 26, 2007

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