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Konami team up with ESL to host monthly Metal Gear Online championships

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Remember a few months ago, when I was all up in the Metal Gear Solid V hype, and rubbing it in all of your faces? Yeah, I’m a changed man now. Don’t get me wrong – I still think Kojima’s game is a ton of fun, and that you should all play it (oh there I go rubbing again), but it’s not the holy grail of gaming I originally thought it to be.

You see, I’ve stopped playing Metal Geal Solid V entirely. I read all about the mythical chapter 3, and then I got wind of Konami giving people the option pay real money to insure their FOB. It’s the sort of thing that put me off the excellent open world stealth shooter entirely.

Which is a darn pity, because as a result, I haven’t even gotten around to giving Metal Gear Online a bash. If you’ll recall, I was stupidly excited about that too, because it does genuinely look like a ton of fun.

If you on the other hand, play the multiplayer component of The Phantom Pain religiously, it may excite you to know that Konami have partnered up with ESL to host a few monthly championships (via PC Gamer). Starting next month, from the first of December right through to the end of February, there will be a $1000 up for grabs in each of four regions (Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America).

As expected, Africa doesn’t feature, because apparently we don’t exist. But hey, if you’ve been hopping onto the European region for some games, and found that you and your mates are pretty damn good at sending opponents skyward (regardless of the unfavourable latency), then this is the perfect opportunity to make some cash.

Last Updated: November 16, 2015


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