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Kung Fu Panda – Launch Trailer

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Honestly the only reason I keep checking in on this game is because the ‘clan’ I played with were part of a great Panda ‘clan’… I dislike the whole clan idea as it just brings visoins of overly serious, stressed gamers to mind and that is about the furthest you could go from the guys I know.. Anyway back to the point..

This game actually looks like a lot of fun, especially for us who have kids and the like and who sometimes want to play during daylight hours… As much as I enjoy Gears, GTA and hopefully Alone in the Dark I can’t really play the games with my 3 year old watching.. unless I don’t mind some serious psychology bills later in her life..

Apparently King Fu Panda is going to have a bunch of mini games, multi-player battles and a cartoon like story (like the movie obviously) which has some great humour… I think I am actually looking forward to playing this….

Last Updated: June 6, 2008

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