LA Noire Too Big For Xbox 360?

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I haven’t heard much about this game but some interesting news is doing the rounds this morning.

Kotkau received a tip from an inside source over the weekend and he had this to say about the game.

* The game will be a free-roaming title with a historically-accurate recreation of Los Angeles in 1947.
* Team Bondi has even hired a costume designer to research the clothing of the era so the game’s attire can be accurate.
* Aside from main story, side missions will be based on actual cases pulled straight of the newspapers of 1947.
* A US Marine plays a big role in the story.
* Not so exclusive…but LA Noire definitely ain’t coming to Xbox 360, the size of the game is an obstacle to this.

So nothing to interesting until the last point, is Sony going to prove everyone wrong with its decision to include the Blu-Ray player? This is not the first time we have heard this and I doubt it is going to be the last.

But how can it not be an exclusive and at the same time state the 360’s DVD is to small? Are they planning on releasing it in HD-DVD or Blu-Ray for the PC? Or just multiple discs?

LA Noire Too Big For Xbox 360? | Kotaku Australia, the Gamer’s Guide

Last Updated: October 9, 2007

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