Lag truly is making COD Advanced Warfare unplayable

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Geoff posted an article a few days back asking if you were suffering from Lag in Advanced Warfare and while I hadn’t heard anything yet the response to that article definitely convinced us that there was a real problem occurring.

However everyone knows how the Internet loves to complain so I really didn’t think too much of it until last night when I decided to take a break in my single player campaign and jump into the some multiplayer. Now only a few days earlier I had been part of the team that won our local invitational and so I expected that when I went online with other locals we would have a similarly great experience.

How wrong I was. For the first 15 minutes I literally couldn’t even get into the multiplayer main menu. The game just kept on crashing out when trying to connect to Xbox Live. I was convinced it was something with my connection but I checked everything and I had a perfect open NAT, all other games were working 100% and my ping was well under 20ms so what was the problem?

I finally got to the multiplayer menu and searched for a game of deathmatch. I was thrown into a game in under a minute. So far so good. The game started up and instantly it was obvious there was a severe problem. I, and others, were warping all over the map and the game was absolutely unplayable. I would walk around the corner and suddenly be dead for no reason. When watching the killcam I could see that according to the game there was someone right in front of me but they weren’t there when I was playing.

I quit the game and tried a few more searches. Out of my 5 attempts I had one playable game, the rest were unplayable by a huge margin. Next I joined up with two other locals who were also complaining about how bad the lag was and we decided to jump into a co-op game of exo-survival instead.

Now while most of the rounds in exo-survival were fine, every now and then we all lagged out ridiculously badly to such an extent that people were being warped off the map and to their death. Eventually I was just booted from the game due to lack of connectivity. This in a game being played between 3 players who all live within a 50km radius.

It’s an unacceptable issue and one that I am sure Sledgehammer are working on but that doesn’t change the fact that this should never have happened. Call of Duty is released annually and is heavily reliant on quick movements and tight aiming, the fact that this wasn’t picked up in QA testing and can even occur with all the experience behind the game is mind blowing.

I’m loving the game so far but there is absolutely no way this game can be played unless Activision and Sledgehammer sort this out quickly. According to Internet reports the worst affected platforms are PS4 and PC, however I simply cannot believe their experience is worse than my Xbox One experience. It looks like we are all in the same boat.

If it makes you feel better you can complain to the official Activision and Sledgehammer twitter accounts, but trust me they know about the problem already.

Last Updated: November 7, 2014

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