Last call for entries for our PS4 Advanced Warfare competition

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[Update: We’ve filled all the slots… Todd 5.. anyway, entries are now closed]

Hey big news.. we have a name for our PlayStation 4 Advanced Warfare tournament. We got the greatest minds in the country together and got them working on the Eskom problem which is way more important than a stupid name for a tournament – and then used our own lo- level intelligence to come up with “2015 Fight to the Death”

Catchy hey?

Anyway this is just a last call, we’ve expanded the tournament to now include a maximum of 16 teams for our first tournament. Which means that right now we have 2 open slots available.

The current list of entrants is, in no order

  1. Sonik Blue
  2. Sonik Black
  3. Adapt
  4. Vega eSports
  5. The 3l33t Mercs
  6. Snow Gaming
  7. Fallen Kings
  8. Rawr
  9. Hennessey Gaming
  10. Team Rage
  11. F1r3 Fuzion
  12. Legion Gaming
  13. P41n_gaming
  14. en F34r

As this is our first tournament there will be no seeding, the bracket positions will be decided by

Entries close as soon as we get 2 more teams or by next week Friday if you are all too scared to take on the above teams. So if you are up for it send your team’s details to [email protected] and we’ll add you to the bracket

We’re in discussions with a new ISP to possibly stream and host the semi-finals and finals to ensure things are fair for everyone, stay tuned for that and more prizes that will be announced soon.

Last Updated: January 14, 2015

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