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Last chance to win HAWX and keep your eye out for Riddick today and on Monday

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Okay there seemed to be some confusion over the current HAWX competition so here is what is happening, class this as your Friday public awareness broadcast.

Originally we said that the winner will be decided on Wednesday and announced on Thursday but then we received an avalanche of entries and most of them are actually pretty good. So I need at least 2 days to judge and get a winner chosen so I decided to extend the comp until Friday and then the winner will be announced on Monday, yes the public holiday. We don’t get days off here at Lazygamer.

Also at the same time as announcing the winner for the HAWX comp on Monday we are also going to be launching a brand spanking new competition giving you the chance to win a copy of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena for the Xbox 360 so stay tuned for that.

Megarom have also supplied us with a new Riddick trailer, so be sure to check it out after the jump as well.

And if that wasn’t enough news for one post we would also like to remind you that Riddick is now available for you to pick up on your way home tonight from your local retailer. That is if you don’t rate your chances for actually winning a copy next week.

Having said that, if you win the copy and already have a copy of the game I will personally order you any other game of your choice from one of our esteemed online retailers. Now you can’t ask for more than that?

Last Updated: April 24, 2009

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  1. V@mp

    April 24, 2009 at 16:07

    Picked a copy up at lunch. No guesses as to what
    I’ll be doing the entire weekend 🙂


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