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The latest Overwatch developer update discusses new heroes, maps, and more

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Where’s Sombra? Who the hell knows! Blizzard have remained mum on the upcoming hero, but at least we know she must be coming soon thanks to the latest developer update, where Overwatch’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan shared some insight into the shooter’s future.

Ok granted, he didn’t actually say that Sombra is coming soon (not by name anyway), but if his words are to be believed, we should expect to see a new hero added to the colourful roster of Overwatch before the year is out at least. I’m just hoping that it does in fact turn out to be the mysterious figure who has been teased for what feels like years now.

The video kicks off with Jeff discussing some of the hero tweaks that are being tested. He touches on Widowmaker and Junkrat (who are having their potential changes put through their paces in the PTR at the moment), and most importantly, Symmetra. I was hoping for more detail over and above what we’ve already been told about her, but sadly, nothing.

Jeff does however stress that there will be no alterations done that make Symmetra something that she’s not. She’s a support character, not a healer, so don’t expect turrets that dish out medical assistance for example.

With regards to all the new content, Jeff says that the new hero is very far along, and that it should “see the light of day sooner rather than later”. Blizzard are currently testing out another hero too. He or she is in very early prototype stages though, so there’s no chance of seeing them released this year it seems.

In terms of new maps, one is very far along according to Jeff, which leads me to believe that we will see it released this year as well. There are others in the pipeline too obviously, but they’re also in very early prototype stages, so don’t expect to see them (the ones that make the cut) anytime soon.

It looks like there’s a ton of new content on the horizon for Overwatch. All we have to do now is wait. Dammit Sombra, where are you?

Last Updated: October 6, 2016

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