Latest US charts… Wii plummets

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The lack of Wii consoles must be starting to trouble Nintendo…

The Wii was beaten by the PS3 (possibly for the first time) in America this week and absolutely thrashed by the Xbox 360. Yes it’s true.. the Wii came dead last.

360 – 330,501
PS3 – 192,730
Wii –  173,798

And no you are not reading that wrong, the 360 sold 330 thousand consoles in one week….

The software sales are in the normal order though

360 – 2,093,041
Wii  – 1,684,993
PS3 –    867,715

What must be worrying for the PS3 however is that it had two huge releases this week.

Unreal Tournament III entered the chart at the 25th spot with 69k units sold and The Orange Box entered the chart at the 41st spot with a total of 36k units. There are rumours of a limited Unreal release that need to be taken into consideration as well.

To put an ugly spin on it for the PS3… the top rated PS3 game is Motorstorm (15) which is bundled and next is Unreal at 25… The 360’s top unbundled game is Call of Duty 4 at 8 (It has the top two spots but they are bundled games) and the Wii’s top unbundled game is Super Mario Galaxy at number 3.

In the top 50 games the PS3 has 8, the Wii has 11 and the 360 has 13. The rest are made up of PS2 and DS games

Video Game Chartz – Nintendo – Sony – Microsoft – American Weekly Chart

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Last Updated: December 19, 2007

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