Latests Japanese Hardware Sales – 22 July 07

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The latest stats are in and it is very much as you where…

The Wii has increased sales by 11 000 to strengthen it’s hold on the number 1 spot. The PS2 (60) and PS3 (500) both dropped but by miniscule amounts… The 360 made a storming come back of 300 units more sold :)…

Wii 86,786
PS2 14,059
PS3 12,187
Xbox 360 2,664

So when the Japanese stop buying the PS2 I can see the PS3 getting about 80% of those sales but I can’t see anything overtaking the Wii in weekly sales at the moment…. How long can the Wii keep this up?

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Last Updated: July 27, 2007

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