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Lazygamer.net welcomes Yolanda Green to the team

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It's the truth

Yeah I’m a little late to the party with this one but the site’s title didn’t come from nowhere so I beg for your understanding on this one.

So a few weeks back we sent out some feelers asking for an intern to stand in while Geoff and I were in Germany for Gamescom 2012 to ensure the articles kept flowing and you wonderful people were kept informed and entertained.

We received a fair amount of responses and one of them was from Yolanda Green, (Vicki Vale), who had experience working for other gaming sites and brought with her an angle that we didn’t currently cover as much as we’d like.

So she won the week’s intern job and Geoff and I jetted off to Germany with more than a little trepidation that the site was being left in the hands of Darryn, Garth and a completely untested resource. Not to say we don’t trust Darryn and Garth who are both truly amazing people but this was the first time Geoff or I haven’t been available at a moments notice.

First off we need to say thanks to Darryn, the head cheese for the week, for doing a sterling job at keeping the site going which is more stressful than most people realise as well as to Garth for bringing in some technical knowledge that Darryn unbelievably just doesn’t posses and by ensuring the content just kept on coming.

But the unexpected surprise of the week was Yolanda who worked over and above the requested expectations and really started to grow into the Lazygamer family right from the get go.

I instantly started receiving comments and emails from readers asking for Vicki (aka Yolanda) to be hired full time and while I really wanted to we just didn’t have the finances available. Then the following week I had a bit of a personal disaster and asked Yolanda if she could possibly help out again, I think it took about 0.23 milliseconds for her to agree and I was able to leave and concentrate on other things for the week.

One of which was organising some more finances to do what I’ve taken all this time to announce;

Yolanda Green has very thankfully agreed to join us as our dedicated eSports (shhh it’s a secret still) and PC gaming journalist moving forward.

welcome a broad?

So please take the time to say hi and if you have any specific PC or eSports coverage you want to hear more about please feel free to drop her an email on yolanda @ lazygamer.net or just leave a comment here and we’ll make sure she gets it.

As a side note it’s really weird having a member of the fairer sex in our company Skype chat, she manages to bring a whole new level of WTF to our daily lives and we’re loving it.

And as a tip for the many people who ask how to get into the gaming industry in South Africa, it’s really quite simple. Work hard, work for free (experience) and be be open to any opportunity that comes your way no matter how small. You don’t need a journalism degree or an embedded thesaurus like Geoff. All you need is passion, hard work and a desire to make a difference in an industry that you love.

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Last Updated: September 5, 2012

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