Lazygamer TV – Casting call for Deus Ex Human Revolution: The Movie

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A Hollywood movie is like my latest victim. All the best bits are in the trailer

Dammit Hollywood, we don’t want to go watch Tetris 3D: The Tetrahegoning! We want to see proper adaptations done, great games that deserve an even better film. And one such film that would overload our fanboy senses, would be a movie based on Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Here’s who we would cast in it.

For the Youtube deprived, here’s a list of the actors that we chose:

Bradley Cooper –  Adam Jensen

Scarlett Johansson – Megan Redd

Eric Roberts – David Sarif

Matthew Lillard – Frank Pritchard

Matt Morgan – Barret

Michelle Rodriguez – Yelena Federova

Faran Tahir – Jaron Namir

Morena Baccarin – Malik

Cobie Smulders – Eliza

Jeremy Irons – Hugh Darow

Last Updated: June 22, 2012

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