Leaked Xbox 360 installs video – Time for a bigger HDD?

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A video has been leaked on to the net that shows how one would go about installing one of your Xbox 360 games onto your hard drive using the new function that will be available with the new fall update coming in October.

The fact that you will still need your disc in the drive to play one of your installed games means that I can see that there will be certain games, like Mass Effect that will really benefit from the install and remove issues like texture pop-in and long load times. I am still happy that the installs are optional and I really hope that we won’t see the day when a game is released that requires an installation as many Xbox 360 users will not be as prepared for something like that.

The video and more, after the jump.

PS3 owners have all been blessed with a large hard drive from the start but many Xbox owners would have to look at buying or increasing the size of their hard drives, although I can’t see that MS would ever pull a move like that on their customers considering that they went through so much effort to ensure that Arcade console users were not left behind.

If anything, the installations will be a fantastic option for those who play a lot of the same game over Xbox Live because they will no longer feel as if their TV cabinets are about to take off and fly away, courtesy of the 360’s wonderfully and incredibly loud disc drive.

source: N4G

Last Updated: August 11, 2008

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