Leaked Warhawk problems and compliments

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Despite Sony’s iron clad NDA’s that all Warhawk beta users had to agree to more and more information is being leaked about this game.

This time the news isn’t that good. 

Last night, for instance, I was getting about five minutes of play between rebooting the system, waiting for the game to launch, finding a server to play on and join.

Ouch, it seems there is a small bug in the game that is causing the entire thing to freeze and forcing the users to reboot their PS3’s… That’s not cool

The good news however is that people are rebooting and trying again and again because the game is just that addictive… That is comforting…

I have shamelessly stolen the image above from Kataku.com and am really hoping it isn’t a real Warhawk screenshot as it looks terrible… Not to mention the guy has called himself ‘TheGoatAss’?

This game is sounding better and better though as I am pretty sure they will have sorted out the freezing problem by launch day.

Link to Addiction: Warhawk Down – Kotaku

Last Updated: May 29, 2007

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