Left 4 Dead 2 Coming To PS3? Yes It Is, Wait, No It Isn't. Or Is It? Wait, What?

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The stories revolving around Left 4 Dead making it’s way to the PS3 have been coming and going and telling us one thing and then another directly afterwards, and it is starting to get a little ridiculous to follow. So let me simplify things for you quickly.

This weekend, an EA listing showed Left 4 Dead 2 as also being a PS3 title, which started a whole bunch of new rumours about Left 4 Dead on the PS3, even though Valve have already come out and said that they think the PS3 is too difficult to develop for.

Valve have now made an official statement on the matter, simply saying the following:

“That’s a typo. Check the trailer – ‘exclusively on Xbox 360 and PC.’


How could people really think that after Valve made their statement about developing for PS3, as well as the fact that the game was unveiled during Microsofts E3 Press Conference that it would suddenly be coming to the Playstation 3, especially when the first game has not yet even made it to the console.

I think the final thought on this matter is just that L4D is not coming to the Playstation 3. Not now, or any time soon.


Source: Xbox Evolved

Last Updated: June 23, 2009

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