Left 4 Dead 2 should not have been set in New Orleans

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So apparently there is some mini organisation out there trying to get famous by claiming that Left 4 Dead 2 is racist because it has black people in it and some of those black people are zombies.

Now I still feel that there were some racist undertones in Resident Evil, even though I feel they were based more on ignorance than ill feeling, however that being said I cannot for the life of me see how Left 4 Dead 2 could possibly be racist. Some of the lead characters who save the world are black, doesn’t that make them the hero’s?

There is however something I feel Valve did wrong, they set the game in New Orleans. The city that recently was struck by Hurricane Katrina which killed nearly 2000 people and turned the city into a death trap. Setting your video game (which includes death, zombies and disease) in this setting is uncaring and a cheap ploy to try and grab some extra attention.

I think too highly of Valve to believe that they didn’t realise this during their design meetings and therefore I can only believe they did it on purpose. Which is a bit tacky in my opinion.

Will this put me off buying the game? Absolutely not, I missed the boat on the first Left 4 Dead and there is no way I am going to miss this one as well.

This just raises the old question of when does it become acceptable to turn terrible acts into entertainment? Katrina smashed the city 4 years ago so some would think enough time has passed.

However there are still hundreds of houses that are yet to be cleared out and over 700 people still marked as missing so it’s still pretty fresh in a lot of peoples minds.

Last Updated: August 3, 2009

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