Left 4 Dead 2’s New Scavenge Multiplayer Mode

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I am a huge fan of Valve’s Left 4 Dead. Its frantic, frenetic co-op multiplayer tickles my brain (before eating it, probably with Piccalilli). I’ve been a little less enthused about its upcoming sequel which – like jokes about Earthquakes in Indonesia – is just a little too soon.

That looks set to change, with the announcement of a new multiplayer mode designed to be even more frantic.

Scavenge, like the regular multiplayer mode pits four survivors against a zombie horde aided by special Infected.The difference now is that the survivors have to amass as many of the 16 cans of gasoline scattered throughout a map.

The goal then is to fill the generator with said gasoline all whilst allaying the zombie attack. The zombie’s job is to stop the survivors or destroy the gas cans.

It’s a 3 round  timed mode with each gas can fed to the generator adding 20 seconds to the clock, and victory going to the team who fills the generator the most.

Here’s a video, courtesy of 1up

Last Updated: October 8, 2009

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