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Left 4 Dead PS3 Rumours Doing the Rounds Again

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An N4G poster who goes by the name of “Graphics Whore” has posted up images that show a L4D pre-order card from Best-Buy in front of his machine, causing the “L4D on PS3” rumours to fly all over the place again.

A lot of readers (including me) think that the card is fabricated but I won’t dismiss the rumours just yet. Left 4 Dead has been a massive success on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms and I can personally say that it’s some of the best co-operative multiplayer fun available out there. It seems very logical to me that Valve would want to expand to the PS3 as well.

Whether you PS3 readers know it or not, you should be excited that L4D might be coming to the PS3, it’s a fantastic multiplayer game and pulled in lot of wins and nominations for 2008’s game of the year.

Let’s hope that the rumours are true.

Source: Tokipost

Last Updated: January 16, 2009

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