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Left 4 Dead Survival Pack Gameplay And Some Personal Moments Of Disaster

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I managed to give Left 4 Dead’s Survival Pack a quick go on Tuesday night, albeit only with one friend online and then two AI survivor bots.

I cannot fully express how incredibly tough it is, on our first try we managed to survive for only 4 minutes and 35 seconds, thinking that we would get better with practice. Turns out we got really lucky the first time and weren’t able to get anywhere near to that in our later attempts.

This video shows some gameplay from the pack, but trust me when I tell you that the footage you see in the video looks like a walk in the park compared to how rough it actually is. I fully recommend playing with 4 humans as the bots just can’t keep up with the type of teamwork necessary to survive.

In the few tries that we had, there were some very memorable moments of disaster, we got so incredibly owned. A few of our horror stories, after the jump.

At one point, three of the four survivors were still alive ( I was dead and in the spectator cam), each one was hooked by a Smoker and unable to get free, completely covered with zombies and then to make matters worse, I watched in horror as each survivor was then taken out by multiple hunters whilst still attached to the smokers, sheesh.

I will also not soon forget being smacked by a Tank right up a stairwell and into the air, only to have a smoker hook me mid-air and then drag me away from the other survivors.

A bit rough? Maybe, but free none the less so who can complain. I can’t wait to give it another go and see how long we can last as a full group of human players. Just don’t forget to do the local host glitch to take away lag, or you will surely be destroyed in mere moments.

Last Updated: April 23, 2009

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  1. ooooohh… sounds fun.. cant wait to upgrade to Gold again


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