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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Divine Beast Vah Naboris Dungeon guide

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One Divine Beast down, another to go! This time we’re checking out Vah Naboris, a thunder beast who’ll light up your life. Also no electricity puns please, because that stuff hertz. Here’s how you can conquer the inside of Vah Naboris in the Breath of the Wild.

Getting the map inside Vah Naboris

  • Go towards the entrance, take out the Guardian and head up the ramp
  • Shoot the eye on the left to remove the Ganon corruption blocking your way
  • In the next room, you’ll find electrical circuits everywhere, so head right to the back here and check the wall on the far right to find a ramp
  • Walk on up and download the map
  • You’ll now have control of the beast, whose insides you can rotate 90 degrees

Terminal 1

  • Outside of the map room, go stand on the ledge and rotate the middle section of Naboris until you spot two chests on their side, attached to a central platform
  • Run down and stand right at the foot of the central platform to find a safe spot on the side of the central coloumn and rotate again
  • Now walk on to the middle to find another safe wall and twist again like we did last summer
  • Walk out of that spot towards a new ledge that points towards the head of Naboris and rotate the front section twice
  • You’ll now see the first terminal, because you’re awesome

Terminal 2


  • Go back towards the map room and stand on the circular entrance thingie (scientific term look it up)
  • Now rotate that middle platform until it resets and the two chests in the middle of the room rest on their side once again
  • Find your safe space in the middle and rotate the middle platform once again
  • Looking back at the map room, you’ll spot a hole on the platform to the left
  • Glide over, jump through the hole and face the room
  • Guess what? Give Naboris a twist again. And again
  • You should see the terminal right in front of you now, but it’ll be upside down
  • So step inside and rotate again, while minding the Ganon Corruption inside
  • And that’s Terminal 2 sorted! You’re getting pretty good at this

Terminal 3

  • You’ll need to twist Naboris a few times to enter that hole again on the other side, so that you can work your way back to the central chamber
  • Once there, look to your left above the map room to spot another ledge
  • Rotate the rear section a few times, until you can stand in the right section to reach the ledge
  • Step into the circle doorway area that will not rotate no matter how nicely you talk to it and check your map screen
  • The lines in the rotating sections are electrical circuits which you need to spin until they all line up so rotate Naboris some more
  • Use your Magnesis to shift the metal objects in front of you into the circuits to help complete them and raise the tail
  • You’re going to need to leave the tail down however, so break the circuit and rather walk onto it
  • Check behind the tail for a safe space to squat in when you rotate Naboris, this completing the circuit and raising the tail again
  • At the top of this spot, shoot the eye to open it and rid yourself of that pesky Ganon corruption
  • Inside, repeat the process and head into the elevator
  • Jump down the shaft (SHAFT!), eliminate the corruption and get on the elevator
  • You’ll spot two platforms next to one another as the elevator climbs upwards, so hop onto them
  • You’ll spot a chest here, that contains an electrical current conducting ball so grab it and jump back onto the elevator
  • Now go to the head of the head of Naboris and once past the light bulb the ball activate and set up another elevator for you. That’s handy
  • Once you’ve taken the elevator over that stupidly massive gap, defeat the guardian and activate the elevator
  • Stay out of the elevator this time, allowing it rise up on its own so that you can spot the next terminal
  • With the elevator empty and going upwards, fire an arrow at the eye nesting underneath it so that you can remove the corruption covering the terminal
  • And that’s terminal 3 done and dusted! Next!

Terminal 4

  • Where the elevator is moving up and down right now, you should be able to spot a hole in the floor towards where you came in
  • Drop in, murder the two Guardians who will never see their families again and you’ll open the grates up that cover the circular rooms in the humps
  • Get your ball out, and chuck it into the first plinth there
  • You’ll need a second ball, which can be spotted on top of the lady lump hump, so grab it and take it back downstairs to shove into the plinth. I really like saying the word plinth for some reason. Plinth plinth plinth
  • The grates will drop and you’ll get direct access to terminal 4. We’re almost done here chaps
  • Terminal 5
  • Go directly towards the front hump on the lowest floor and look at the head
  • Drop down and push a wheel in a direction that will line the bulb up with the circuit, and repeat the process on the other wheel
  • The head will raise, an elevator will lower and you can ride on up towards terminal 5 and everything is going to be OK

Thunderblight Ganon bossfight


  • I might have been lying. Thunderblight Ganon is coming for you, and I hope you have your Master Sword ready
  • In the first phase of Thunderblight Ganon, attack up close with a full combo and you’ll break his shield. Add a sequel combo to your attack and fall back. Repeat as necessary
  • In phase two, Thunderblight Ganon starts breaking pillars in the ground and then adds some lightning flavour to the debris
  • Dodge the pillar breaks, find a safe spot and then use your magnesis to smash him back with the rubble
  • Time for phase 3, so let’s put the bastard down already. Thunderblight Ganon is going heavy on the attack this time, with a Guardian style laser for extra pain. Repeat the steps of Phase 1, but watch your combos and weave around him
  • With Thunderblight Ganon defeated, you’ll get Urbosa’s Fury, a special move that brings down the thundah

Thunderblight will fall to the ground when you touch him with a pillar, so get in close and hit him hard when he does. If you’re lucky you’ll only have to do this once, then we’re on to phase 3.

Phase 3 is all-out war – the pillars are gone, but it’s a souped-up version of phase 2 where it’s even harder to land attacks. Follow the same rules as phase 1, but be even more careful. If he begins charging his Guardian style laser, consider hitting him with powerful arrows or running in close to go wild with a blade.

Eventually he’ll drop. As a reward you get Urbosa’s Fury, a new special move that summons a powerful lightning strike to an area. You’ve also liberated Vah Naboris!

Last Updated: March 6, 2017

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