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Less violence, more over the top action in Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Over the top, starring Stallone as a trucker, and worlds best arm-wrestler. I'm not making this up.

My inner nerd is in a happy place right now. NetherRealm created the best fighting game of 2011, in a revived Mortal Kombat, and they’re staying close to their roots with a new fisticuffs tile that swaps ninjas for comic book superheroes instead. But the previous MK game to star kombatants in spandex left me underwhelmed, with its lack of trademark gore and toned down violence, something that will continue in Injustice: Gods Among Us, which will focus on spectacle instead of bloody brutality.

“We replaced gratuitous violence, like blood, arms and limbs being cut off, and all that with spectacular, over-the-top events,” NetherRealm Studios boss Ed Boon told GameInformer.

In Mortal Kombat you might swing a sword at somebody, in this game you’ll throw a car at somebody. In Mortal Kombat you might see blood come flying out from somebody when you punch them, in this game the person could fly through a building when you punch them.

That’s really the identity of this game – an over the top, extreme battle of the gods-type experience with interactive backgrounds.

Boon then explained that they want players to use their environment to their advantage, to give them a necessary edge. “I think that’s going to really be what this game is,” Boon said, while he urged people to remember that Injustice was a completely different game from Mortal Kombat, making the comparisons redundant.

The real message is that this is brand new, that this game has its own identity and we don’t feel like we have to follow any kind of previous template of Mortal Kombat. While we are very proud of the Mortal Kombat legacy we have, it’s certainly not part of this game. This game has its own identity.

Well, it certainly has the DNA of Mortal Kombat, but it’s more of an unknown child left in orphanage right now, as it gets picked on by other forgotten properties such as Killer Instinct and Destrega and I’m drifting again.

Still, even though Gavin wasn’t blown away by the title, there’s still plenty of time to implement new ideas and systems into Injustice, to give it that unique identity that Boon claims the game has, before it releases next year.

Last Updated: August 23, 2012

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