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Let the hunt continue, in these new Crysis 3 screenshots!

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To improve my gaming experience, I like to plug in the Duck Hunt gun and play the Beatles' Rockband game as Mark David Chapman.

It’s no secret how as to how much I love the Crysis Franchise. The first game was responsible for me blowing up my computer in a doomed overclocing attempt, so that I could run it, while the sequel, mercifully, appeared on consoles as well.

Visually, I’m of the belief that Crysis 2 set new benchmarks in the industry. It’s a stunning game, fun to play and simply ahead of the competition, in terms of style and content. So you can imagine, how ridiculously giddy I was, to hear of Crysis 3.

While I’m not expecting any massive leaps forward with the current technology, the game still looks like some damn good fun, as it builds on the work of the previous games. Don’t believe me?

Then check out these new screenshots.

Crysis_3_screen_6_-_Prophet_on_the_hunt_with_his_bow copy

Crysis_3_screen_7_-_A_Ceph_Pinger_on_the_prowl copy

Crysis_3_screen_8_-_Swamplands copy

 Crysis_3_-_Islands_concept_art copy

 Crysis_3_-_Liberty_Dome_NYC_concept_art copy

 Crysis_3_-_River_concept_art copy

 Crysis_3_-_Swamp_concept_art copy

 Crysis_3_screen_1_-_Prophet_the_Hunter[3] copy

Crysis_3_screen_2_-_Prophet_and_the_bow[2] copy

 Crysis_3_screen_3_-_Prophet_under_fire copy

Crysis_3_screen_4_-_Flooded copy

Gorgeous, innit? Crysis 3 adapts and attacks PS3, PC and Xbox 360, next year.

Crysis_3_screen_2_-_Prophet_and_the_bow[2] copy

Last Updated: May 18, 2012

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