Lets Play E3 Bingo – With Joystiq

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Joystiq has come up with a brilliant idea for the second year running that we should have stolen… But since we didn’t let’s just join them in celebrating a game of E3 Rumour Bingo.

Joystiq have pre-populated a bingo card for us but you are free to make your own, I have stamped the 6 rumours that I am expecting to see this year but feel free to make your own choices and let us know which are your top 6 for this years E3.

My top 6 for this years E3 in no particular order are

1. Alan Wake gets Dated

2. Forza 3 Confirmed and Dated

3. Splinter Cell IV

4. MGS 4 on the Xbox 360

5. Yay more Xbox 360 bundles

6. Xbox 360 motion capturing tool


Click through to see all of Joystiqs guesses along with a clean bingo card.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: May 26, 2009

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