Let’s remind Sony of the #PS4NoDRM campaign

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E3 starts next week and Microsoft and Sony are going to be holding their no holds barred conferences where we are going to hear everything that Sony and Microsoft has planned for us.

Earlier this year at the first Microsoft event it was revealed that their may be a possible second hand gaming tax implemented. Where the games will be locked to the console they are initially installed on and if you want to then sell the game there will be a fee that is required to be paid.

The Internet went into meltdown and many bad words were sent Microsoft’s way but once that started to calm down everyone started realising that Sony hadn’t denied it would do the same. So the campaign #PS4NoDRM was started by famousmortimer on Neogaf.

The first leg of the campaign targeted the employees of Sony and it picked up some incredible steam, enough to get Sony to officially respond that they are seeing the complaints and will make their plans clear at E3.


Well it’s one week to go and we, along with a number of other media sites, have been requested to keep this campaign alive. I believe it is an incredibly important opportunity for us gamers to show the power of social media and to let Sony know that if they do implement a similar scheme we will not be picking up a PS4.

There is also a campaign for #XboxOneNoDRM but honestly Microsoft already shot themselves in the foot and right now I’m pushing for Sony to pick up on that misstep and show us that they really do care about gamers.

So if you agree and are on Twitter please hit the

Last Updated: June 5, 2013

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