LG: Sony is mean and America needs to ban the sale of the PS3

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Honestly, you know sometimes I think that multi-national corporations are run by a bunch of whiny kids. At the moment, Sony and LG are behaving like pre-schoolers in a playground. One files a patent lawsuit, and the other responds with another. One files a civil lawsuit, and the other tries to one-up that as well.

The latest in this pissing contest is LG’s request to the US International Trade Commission to ban the sale of PlayStation 3 consoles throughout America. On what grounds? Patent infringement of course, which is just so passé. It’s a good thing Sony has already managed to shift 47.9 million PS3 consoles!

LG’s request for a ban of sales extends to all Blu-ray drive devices as well as Sony Bravia hi-def TVs. According to LG, both categories of Sony devices each infringe on four LG patents. The LG Blu-ray patents have to do with how multiple streams of data are accessed.

The International Trade Commission is going ahead with the investigation, but they’re also conducting another investigation instigated on behalf of Sony. Sony’s request has to do with LG phones utilising Sony patented technology.

Ha! You crazy corporations and your lawsuits.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: February 8, 2011

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