Licensing issues preventing Xbox UI live demo

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Yesterday, Geoff showed you a pretty video of what Xbox UI navigation will be like. It’s not a live demo, but a video representation of what we can expect. So, why haven’t seen a live demo of the UI?

When Albert Penello linked to the video calling it a good look at the dash and how it works, twitter went wild, asking why it’s a video and not a live demo. Penello explained:

Hm, logistics and licensing issues? Now I’m curious. What will be on the dash that causes licensing issues? Is Pizza Hut clamping down on the use of their food porn images? Surely a giant like Microsoft can secure some license agreements that let them show off the UI – in a month’s time people will have their own Xbox Ones and can screen capture the UI to their heart’s content. What’s the problem with doing it now? Although, that said, Xbox already had a superior UI, and I doubt that UIs really sell that many consoles. Sony had to show off a live demo of their UI to prove that it was improved. I’m not sure Xbox has much to prove in this battle.

Last Updated: October 29, 2013

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