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“Life isn’t simple” in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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I liked Adam Jensen as a character. Now normally, whenever I watch a show where a character gets awesome abilities and starts whinging about they just want to be a normal cheerleader, I feel like putting my foot through the TV. Because really, super-abilities would be awesome.

But with Jensen, you felt his reluctance in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. After having several shades of poo clobbered out of him in the opening of the game, and having his body painfully augmented just so that he could survive, you get why Jensen was caught between two worlds.

And that impacted on Human Revolution. Or at least you did, with the decisions that you made at the end of the game. And that’s going to guide players throughout the sequel, in Mankind Divided.

“What Jensen discovers in the aftermath of Human Revolution is that life isn’t that simple,” Executive Narrative Director Mary DeMarle said to the Examiner, explaining how Jensen would be shaped by a turbulent new world.

You can make a choice in the end, but there are forces out there. There are a great many ways that people will try and sway and embrace the history and all of that. Maybe everyone else has perverted his intention in that moment.

At the beginning of the game, he basically realizes that he tried to save the world and he couldn’t. He comes out of that thinking, ‘well now I need to go after the people who are doing this.’ His journey becomes one of how do I re-establish my own self in this? #

How do I become something that can actually right the world again?

And those ideas are going to help shape the social environment of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, as players interact with characters around them. “The social pillar covers so many different aspects of the game,” DeMarle said.

On one point, it’s interacting with characters, so by interacting with characters through dialogue, we have some social gameplay where what we call our Social Boss Fights, where you have to convince the characters and engage them psychologically.

Two, even little things that just in a simple conversation with a character you might meet on the street and might be able to help you is important.

DeMarle also explained that while you might interact with everyone in the game, that’s not enough, as your choices within dialog and those interactions could open things up, or shut them off entirely,

The way you handle that character might shut off that entry or something else. Side characters are there to give you a deeper sense of the world and what is happening.

Last Updated: October 15, 2015

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