Link struggles to swing a sword in new Breath of the Wild gameplay

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The legend of zelda breath of the wild weapons gameplay video

Nintendo Twitter is having a little battle it seems. Earlier this week Nintendo Europe threw up some new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay, showing off Link messing around with magical runes in the game’s massive open world. Not content with chalking up a loss, Nintendo America has some new footage just a few days later. But this time we’re looking at some raw steel swords instead of mystical magic. The one weapon that never fails.

Just like past entries into the franchise, Link will have a host of permanent and temporary weapons to choose from in battle. His more standard back slung sword does the job in a pinch, but it’s the more brutal, hard-hitting ones you’ll find scattered around the world that look a lot more satisfying to use. One such weapon is a Greatsword, which just looks far too big for Link to handle. So much so that every swing demolishes a part of your stamina bar. Resource juggling in combat will be key in this sequel.

More hilarious though are enemy weapons, which Link can pick up and equip during a fight to severely disarm his opponents. Bokoblins take this far too literally though, giving up entire limbs for Link to pick up and smack them in the face with. Knocking a weapon of of an enemy’s hand and quickly taking ownership will leave your foes scattered and confused in a fight, sometimes making it a far more viable tactic than bashing them in the face.

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Of course, magic comes into play too, with Link being able to go all Far Cry 2 on Hyrule and set patches of long grass alight. The fire will spread with the wind too, letting you set up ambushes or send enemies in a nearby camp into frenzies at the sight of a massive blaze bearing down on them.

It all adds up to a Legend of Zelda that looks enormous in scope and ambition, and one that I simply can’t wait to get my hands on again. It’s out (hopefully) next year.

Last Updated: August 25, 2016

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