List of Firmware 2.4 features Revealed

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Seems like CVG has gotten its grubby little paws on all the juicy details regarding, as well as what seems to be the final date that the update will be available.

If you want a little bit of a teaser of what’s in store for PS3 owners, check this out: Viewing, sending and receiving messages, a friend category, download management and more.

Sorry but the full list is quite long, so you will have to take the jump to get a look at the full list.

  • Friend category
  • View, send, receive messages
  • Manage downloads
  • Set the vibration feature of the controller
  • Sign in to PlayStation Network
  • Register friends
  • Manage Bluetooth devices
  • Terminate the game
  • Music category
  • Use the system BGM
  • Work the system BGM operation panel
  • Settings category
  • Assign controllers
  • View profiles
  • Game category
  • Set audio devices
  • Use the voice changer

The full article on CVG has some more interesting news about the update, so check it out.

source: CVG

Last Updated: June 26, 2008

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