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You would think that we had run out of things to say about LBP by now, but lo and behold we are still discovering new and wonderful features all the time.

So what does Facebook have to do with any of this? Basically what happens is that when there are photos of your character, people will be able to tag you on the images just like on Facebook. This will allow you to then see that person’s levels, favorites etc.

Here is the official explanation of the new feature explained by Alex Evans, co-founder of Media Molecule:


“You’ll have feeds of photos of you — levels that you’ve been in, photos people have taken of you. Then we take it even further, like Facebook. In any photos we know what kind of Sackboys were in it, who they were logged in as, so we put a box around their face which you can click and go and see that person. So if there’s a cool level with a guy wearing an awesome costume, you just D-pad up to him and hit X, and now you can see his levels, his favorites.”

Anyone willing to send me a free Playstation 3, please contact me urgently. I need to play this game when it comes out, mmmkay thanks.

source: 1UP

[Thanks to Flameboy for the tip]

Last Updated: September 19, 2008

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