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Live support for South Africa.. maybe..

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Eurogamer has put up a list of what is supposed to be in the forthcoming Xbox Live Spring update. The update this year is very minimal and by the look of it there is very little that is really going to be added to the system.

You can browse the whole list through the link at the bottom, however one little item popped up that has my mind spinning…

Apparently the next update is going to include “new payment methods for international users”. So what could that mean?

All internationally supported Live countries except credit cards and allow for points to be purchased in shops. I can’t see them allowing debit cards in some countries and not in the US (everything that says international is outside the US).

So are they going to allow us illegal folks to do a bank transfer or use a paypal derivative legally?

All we have ever really asked for is to be allowed to pay for Live access and points in our own currency, just like the PSN allows…. is this so difficult?

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Last Updated: May 14, 2008

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