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“Live the Revolution” with leaked WWE 13 trailer

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Though I haven’t watched the soap opera that’s called “professional” wrestling for about two decades now, wrestling games have always been a guilt pleasure of mine – from Fire Pro Wrestling on the SNES, to the arcade gem that was Capcom’s under-appreciated Muscle Bomber, Midway’s bizarre Mortal-Kombat inspired arcade Wrestemania, the incredible No Mercy on the N64 and everything in between (and most of what’s come after), I’ve always been a sucker for sweaty men fondling each other. And wrestling games. 

THQ’s last entry in to the biggest modern wrestling game Smackdown vs Raw (rebranded as just WWE ‘12 last year) was a horrible disappointment; the new engine promised so much, but in the end delivered a stale, backwards experience. It’s with curious optimism, and trepidation that I look at this leaked WWE ‘13 trailer – which shows the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, Mankind, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Big Show, and seems to punt CM Punk as the series new coverboy.

It’ll be out on consoles in November this year- and it can’t be any worse than the last one.


Last Updated: May 25, 2012

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