Local 360 Bundles Announced

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You may or may not have seen the Xbox 360 Christmas bundles being announce across the world over the past few weeks, well if you have then you will be happy to see that we are not being ignored and if you haven’t you will be happy to know we are getting great bundles.

See everyone’s a winner.

Anyway to the bundles, if I recall correctly last years bundles included Viva PInata, Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance at different times. This year however has a decidedly more casual feel to it.

For the less hardcore gamers you can pickup the Xbox 360 Arcade which will have the following

Xbox 360 Entertainment System
1 Wireless Controller
Memory Card
5 Xbox Arcade Games
Sega Superstar Tennis

all for only R1799

If you prefer a bit more bang for your buck then go up to the Pro which has the following

Xbox 360 Entertainment System
60GB Hard drive
1 Wireless Controller
LEGO Indiana  Jones: The Original Adventures
Kung Fu Panda

all for only R2699…

Or you get the same two games free and an extra 60GB in the Elite for R3499 

Compare that to the silver PS2 which is retailing for R2031 on Kalahari or the normal black one going for R1802 from ZAPS and you have to admit that Microsoft has done well with their aggressive pricing in South Africa.

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Last Updated: October 17, 2008

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